Geophysical Investigations Geophysical Investigations

Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)

TECLAB offers geophysical investigations using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT). ERT is used to measure the apparent resistivity of soils and rock as a function of depth or position using vertical electrical soundings. These ERT techniques together with the boreholes are used for vertical resistivity profiling.

Cross-hole Seismic Techniques

TECLAB carries out seismic refraction tests to determine the depth to bedrock and assess rippability. In addition to the borehole down and crosshole techniques, TECLAB carries out surface sesmic surveys which include: multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW), spectral analysis of surface waves (SASW), and continous surface wave (CSW) technique to determine the shear wave velocity (Vs) which is required in computation of small strain stiffness (Gmax) used in prediction of ground settlement and deformation.